Monday, July 2, 2012

Week #10 It's a Beautiful Thing Being A Service Dog

This has been my best week ever!  Mrs. Aldridge keeps telling everyone that I have been PERFECT! (well.... maybe perfect wasn't the exact word.....)  I like to think of myself as perfect!

This week has been incredibly HOT for my little paws so we trained indoors and with water at the pool.  I needed to take a break or two and lay in the garage where it was a little cooler.  I was a little afraid of the lawn tractor so Mrs. Aldridge put me in my kennel in the house.  The truth is I WANTED to be in the air conditioning so I pretended a little fear..... (don't tell!)


This week we went to Jordan Creek to work on escalators, elevators and railings.  Can I confess I HATED the escalators?  They made me shiver and shake.  Let me tell you about the railings.  Two words.  NO WAY.  Not even peanut butter would get me next to the upper level railing.  Mrs. Aldridge had to carry me.  HA!  And I weigh almost 30 pounds now.  Of course the elevator was not big deal since I play on them all day at The IMT Group!

I still need to work on my jumping.  Mrs. Aldridge has me trained not to jump on her, but strangers are fair game.  They don't know about my training so I'm excited to share everything with them.  Their ears are so far away from my level that I need to jump up to share.  Problem is it gets my leash stepped on and my collar gets tight.  Not very pleasant, but I'm a persistent dog.  I have so much to share I keep trying.

One thing would help me out, if I could ask a favor.  If you see me in the hallways just ignore me.  Yes it helps me contain my excitement.  Then, when I look like I have some control, if you would calmly talk to me at my level.  Please remind me not to jump and I'll share all my secrets.  I'll even give you a kiss or two.  (I might get scolded, but I have a fast tongue!).

Pools and Poop Patrol
Mrs. Aldridge has a granddaughter - Rain.  She is a task master when it comes to puppies.  She is only two years old!  I thought she'd be the ideal target.... squeeling, jumping and screaming.  Nope, she fooled me by ordering me around and being calm!  I got her back.  She cleaned the yard up with the pooper scooper.  There was a lot to clean!
I didn't much care for the pool.  It was hot so I climbed in and took a big long drink.  After that I decided I wasn't much of a swimmer yet.  I do hope I warm up to being a water dog.

Visitors and sleepovers!
My pal Ridgeline came over for a visit and a sleepover!  It was so much fun.  We wrestled non-stop until Mrs. Aldridge put us in our kennels.  I was so sad I barked, whined and carried on for quite a while.  Ridgeline was such a lady, she was cute and quiet.  I heard Mr. Aldridge ask Mr. Coady if he would let Ridgline stay at our house.  I thought that was so excellent until I figured out Mr. Aldridge meant for me to go live with the Coady's!  I decided I should work harder on being quiet in my kennel. 

Ridgeline is older than I am by a good six months but she is almost my same size!  She is wiser and more mature though.... she didn't want to run off into the mud hole like Romey and I did.

Excellent Adventures and IMT
It is so hot out these days!  Dogs left in the heat can be severly injured.  IMT used me in a photo shoot about heat and four-legged friends.  I'm going to be famous!  Dan Mulcahy and Erin Wonsmos took me outside to take pictures and of course give me a break.  I was coming back in when I spotted
Mr. Richard Keith!  He is my favorite person. 

He gives me treats!  I stand politely for him and I am rewarded.  I did make one mistake.... when Mrs. Aldridge wasn't looking I left her office and went into Mr. Keith's office looking for him and the treats!  Darn it.  I wasn't successful.

I had an awesome week!  To see all of my pictures from this week, follow this link:

Oscar's Picures from week #10

Love and Licks,

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