Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Week 16 - Bronze Medal Winner.... Going for Gold in 2016

Olympic Style Training Plan
I know the Olympics are over but I'm planning for next year.  Do they have a doggie-gone-good category?  I am working so hard on my service dog training that it surely is worth a gold medal?  Every Monday night my siblings and I train in Puppy II at Canine Craze with Master Clint.  It is so HHHHAAAARRRRDDD! 

Master Clint has a jar of peanut butter that we aren't allowed to have.  I can smell it!  It drives me crazy.  Not quite as crazy as my sister India.  She almost climbs the shelves looking for it.  Truly!

We work on activities that will help us use our nose for mobility.  We will learn how to operate the handicap buttons that open up doors, turn on lights and more.  Right now we get treats for touching the traffic cone, hands, wands and other items.  It is really easy once we figure it out but sometimes we have to guess.  Our trainers don't talk to us to tell us what to do.  This is because one day we may have a recipient who cannot speak.  If all my training was with the human voice and then the person I will someday love didn't have a voice.... I wouldn't know what to do!  We will learn hand commands but for now we are building our confidence by figuring out what our trainers want.  It is a big game with lots of treats!


We are also learning to use our paws to stand on items such as stools, benches and exercise balls.  I KNOW!!  Isn't that funny.  A puppy doing aerobics!  This helps us build our confidence and learn how to heal and walk by our trainers side.

The most difficult training task for me is the "ignore your distractions".  Get real.  Does she really expect me to medal in that event??  I just LOVE humans and cannot help myself.  I want to say hello and lick them.  Best of all I like to jump on them!  I will admit that I like to eat food even more so my skills are improving. 

Just today I made it past David Puffet AND Tom Minger with only a small hesitation.  That is worth a Gold Medal right there isn't it?  Those guys know how to wrestle!

 Toilets Have Water!
Who knew.  All these months water was just under my nose and I was missing out.  The sad part about my discovery is that Toilets also have lids.  RATS!  Foiled before I got started.  Mr. and Mrs. Aldridge get grossed out when I drink from the toiled but I personally don't see any issues.  It is very cold and they keep their toilets clean.  I can't seem to convince them I'm OK with it.

In jail....
Yes.  I'm a habitual offender.  I am now in jail during the work day.  Ahhhh.  I long for the days when Mrs. Aldridge let me roam her office playing with toys and sleeping at her feet.  I got "busted" too many times running out of the office to greet my office mates at IMT.  Now I get to look at them from beneath the desk with my sad puppy eyes.  (pssst...  some of them fall for it!).  Not Mrs. Aldridge.  She just holds up her hand like a stop sign and gives me that look.  If I am quiet and polite she gives me treats.  Sometimes carrots and apples because I'm so good and she knows it is hard to be under a desk while she types on her computer.  I do love it when we go for break and walk out by the pond and chase frogs.  It is worth the jail experience.

I know it is for my own good.  When I learn to sit quietly without the kennel I can come back out.  I know it is for my own good.  When I learn to sit quietly without the kennel I can come back out.  I know it is for my own good.  When I learn to sit quietly without the kennel I can come back out.  I know it is for my own good. 

Do you think if I meditate on that long enough I'll believe it?  I'll get back to you on that.

I have a Man Crush
I'm not afraid to admit that I LOVE RICHARD KEITH!!!  Who wouldn't?  Not only is he the most fun guy around... he keeps DOG BONES in his desk.  Right?  Wow does it get any better than that?  Well, my friend, I'm here to tell you it does.

Not only do I get the Milkbones, I get to jump into his lap and kiss him after I get them.  Please, Please, Please DO NOT TELL Mrs. Aldridge OR Nicole Schumate.  My gig would be up in an instant if they knew.  A boy gets one bad habbit right?

Social Calendar is filling up...
I've been getting a lot of practice with the public again now that my teething shenanigans are over.  It is almost like starting from square one since it has been so long.  Do you remember that I told you I HATE escalators?  Well I still do.  They aren't very friendly with the moving parts, the weird noise and people moving without moving!  It is really disconcerting to see people float up from nowhere! 

On top of that the escalator at Valley West Mall has squeeling kids at the bottom.  You know me, I love me my kids.  But... the combination of squeels and screams when I am boarding a gray metal beast is more than I can stand.  It takes a lot of love and coaxing from Mrs. Aldridge for me to trust that I will be ok. 

I'd like to report that I am getting better but I cannot.  I promise to keep trying.  Please root for me, I know this is mission critical in my training.  I must be confident and secure when I am with my recipient.  I'll keep my paws crossed and work very hard.

I hope you enjoyed this update!  I will see you soon!

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Love and Licks,


Remember When?  Here are some examples of how much I've grown in just a few short months!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 14 and 15 were a blur....

Well, I know you missed me while I was away!  The last couple of weeks have been a whirl-wind!  You will be as excited to read about my adventures as I was having them.  Well.... all except the trip to the Veterinarian.  Don't get me wrong, she is beeeyoootiful, but I do wish we could meet on different terms.  Getting needles poked in me, squeezing my tummy and putting me up on the High Dive doesn't exactly thrill me.  More about that later....

New Training
I am back in school.  Yes, I know it is a bit earlier than the human kids but I am so eager to explore the world and learn new things.  Mr. Clint from Canine Craze is AWESOME!  He let's us play games and walk around and around in circles.  I love getting dizzy.  It makes the room get larger and smaller and then I just lay on my back and gaze up at Mrs. Aldridge.  She looks so nice up there.  She does get a bit chagrined at me from time to time when I want to lay on the ground.  She usually tempts me with the "high value" food.  It's delicious!  Fish kibble is to die for.

Here I am looking curious and excited on my way to Puppy Training 2....

I am learning so many new things.  Remember how I told you about my training to sit, lay down and to only eat the food when I hear Mrs. Aldridge say "ok"?  Oh Buddy have we moved on from there!  I still practice the basics with her and Mrs. Goe but we have even more exciting things now.  The best part is all the food I get to nibble!  We are working on my nose right now.  Yes, you smelled me right... (get it?? get it??).  My nose will be very valuable when I get just a bit older.  It will help me turn lights on, push the handicap button to open doors and much more.  I am learning to touch things with my nose so I can get used to how that feels.

If I touch Mrs. Aldridge's hand, the traffic cone or the sparkly wand... wahlah!  I get kibble.  I love it.  I'm so good that I can touch the traffic cone 70 times in a minute!  Ok... I don't really go that fast, but it is pretty impressive how quickly I picked up the command.

Mrs. Aldridge tries to trick me by putting food all over the floor.  I must admit it is a distraction to walk over all of that yummy yummy kibble, but I do it!  I admit it.  I do.  Sometimes I sneak a taste or two.  I'M SORRY!!!  I just can't help myself.

I don't know what we will practice this week!  I am so excited today at work just thinking about it!
Speaking of work....

IMT is the BEST job!
I was asked by Mr. Mulcahy and Ms. Wonsmos to be in another photo shoot!  Yes!  Another photo shoot!  I wonder if they take my pictures so they can goof off at work with a puppy.... NAH!!!!  They really think I have potential!  Maybe I'll go to Hollywood someday?

I wonder if I am the one goofing off with the fun humans???

I just love it when they bring their camera!

Guess What???  I went Swimming!
I know I confessed earlier that I did not care for water.  You will be so proud to know that I have overcome my fear of the water!  Not only that...  I swam in DEEP water.  It's ok to tell you that I was a little afraid but I had so many friends there I actually forgot I was afraid!  Cross my heart with my paw it's true!

My friend Sabre, Tango, Romey, Cadence, Sailor and friends I didn't even know were swimming too!  It was so much fun I slept all night.  Mrs. Aldridge keeps talking about how she wants to take me back to Cherry Glen so she can have more peace and quiet.  I don't know what she is talking about... that place was noisy and busy with people, dogs and boats!  Sometimes I don't understand her.

Here I am learning to swim!  It was so fun with all of my friends.

Sleep Overs and Cleaning
I did get to go on a Sleep Over with Mrs. Nixon!  I am an early bird you know, I like to get started with my adventures early.  Sometimes it is nice to let Mrs. Aldridge sleep in on Saturday.  I like to visit friends, I'm such a good house guest.  I will admit to sneaking on a couch or two.  Can you blame me?  They are so soft and comfy.  Mrs. Nixon likes to take me for walks and I help her with her yard work.  I'm excellent at picking up and chewing the sticks in her yard.  She has awesome grand kids too!  I almost.... almost got to take a bath with them!

Mrs. Nixon went downstairs to grab the laundry and this is where she found me when she came back upstairs.  You can't blame me can you?

Mrs. Cameron, an expert at IMT Insurance bought me my very own shampoo.  It Rocks!  I am always happy to take baths on my own when I get to use Oscar Soap.

Am I spoiled?

Are you ready for the big news?
I know you've missed me around the halls at IMT.  I do have a grand excuse for missing work.  Well... to be honest I've been a bit unruly lately.  You know how much I adore you all; especially when you rub my tummy.  I love to jump on you to show my gratitude and affection.  Clearly this isn't good puppy Service Dog practice so I've had to stay home for a few days while my wild behavior (from teething I'm sure!) subsides. 

ALSO... pay attention here please... I was TUETERED!  I heard Mr. and Mrs. Aldridge talking about it and then the next thing I know... A trip to the Cute Lady Vet.  I don't remember a lot about the visit, I was sleepy for some reason.  I believe I had a grand nap while I was there.  I left a little sore and wouldn't you know it, I'm missing some hair on my leg!  I had to stay home from IMT and other public places for a few days.  I have to admit I was not feeling like myself.  I think I'll be better soon.....

See you soon!!!

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Love and Jumps,