Friday, June 22, 2012

Week #8 and 9 It's a Rocky Ride....

You might wonder why I have been delinquent in posting my weekly adventure.  I was in the doghouse.  Yes.  Literally.  Clearly the Aldridge's are forgetful of my age and expect me to be the perfect gentleman all of the time.  I am .... afterall.... just a puppy.

I felt a little energetic a couple of days in the last week or so.  I don't think I was really all that bad, but I did get sent to time-out on a few different occasions.  I've been jumping and diving for my food.  Not very polite I know but have you seen how skinny I am?  I am a growing boy!

I was a Perfect Angel most of the days...  Truthfully.... We had a chat and I agreed to be good.

My training has been going very well.  We have moved on from the foundation tasks to Crate Games.  It is a lot of fun and I get more treats!  I am supposed to be very polite when the crate door is opened and wait for the "ok" to come out.  This will teach me that my crate is a great spot for me and I shouldn't have to be locked in.  The problem is I get so excited to come out I forget my manners and jump all over Mrs. Aldridge.  Have I told you that I'm a quick study?  Truly.  I only got waffle face a couple of times before I figured out the game.  I think I have a lovely face and didn't really want the door closed on me.  I'm the perfect gentleman now.  Well mostly....

Exciting places I have visited in the last two weeks have been the Central Iowa SHRM Board meeting, Jason's Deli (please don't take me back there!), my brother Romey came for a sleep over and I got to go to Ames with Pacey (another service dog) for a wonderful event.

I'm learning that my behavior must be top-notch.  I get praised all the time for how well I do.  I must tell you Jason's Deli was a little too crowded and full of rich smells for me.  I did settle down but it took a bit.  Of course they were fabulous at the Deli.... it was just overwhelming for me.  I worried about when I get bigger... just where will I sit!???

I think I'm off to a great start for this week and I'm getting more grown up all the time.  My mission for this week is to gain a little weight and to tackle the escalators at Scheel's in Jordan Creek.

Oscar and Romey Wrestle


IMT and Home Sweet Home

Wish me luck!


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