Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Week #5 Starting to get routine....

Hello Again!

I'm settling in and getting used to my routine.  Honestly it gets kind of boring except when the employees stop in and tickle my tummy.  I also like carrying my own leash when I get to go out to play.

For the most part my days have become very routine (which they tell me is good for my training!).  In the morning Mrs. Aldridge will go to Farrell's - sometimes I even get to go! - then it is off to work at The IMT Group.  After work I have so much energy because I get to SLEEEEEP all day.  What a life.

We practice our "duties" that we learn each Saturday mostly in the evening when I have lots of energy and I'm STARVED for dinner.  Ok, she doesn't really starve me but I pay better attention when I'm hungry.  We did practice a bit at work for the camera.  But first... Mrs. Aldridge and a couple of the employees (ERIN WONSMOS and DAN MULCAHY!!!) put me in an IMT t-shirt to take pictures.  I'm not sure I feel very manly in these photos...

 I'm backing up for a treat.

Treat Delivered!
Do you really think I will drive someday??

Another exciting thing at work this week was the preparation for Memorial Day!  I can't wait to have a picnic and honor those that have served our country.  I'm so proud to be a service dog!

In case you are wondering... these are IMT "blinking" sun glasses.  I like them better in my mouth than on my head.  Is that wrong?

One more thing that was VERY EXCITING this week was my trip to Doggy Daycare!  I was very nervous at first...  but Canine Craze is so wonderful and they do a great job keeping us busy all day.  See me below?  I was exhausted that night!  I wasn't supposed to be on the couch but I snuck up there and the Aldridges thought I was cute.  It is so beneficial being handsome....

My adventures this week were wonderful!  I met a lot of nice people this week and spent time at The Civic Center (I slept through The Golden Dragon Acrobats....) Panera Bread, Olive Garden, Macaroni Grill and various stores.  I was always welcomed and treated like a king.  The life of a service dog is fun!

Here are some pictures from this week:
Photos Week #5

Love you all!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Week #4 Meeting New Friends, The Dreaded Vet and KIDS!!!

This week has been Sooooo Exciting!  Well... most of it.  I could have done without the Vet visit.  Apparently I have some intestinal issues.  Mrs. Aldridge is a bit grossed out but I don't see what the problem is.  The Vet Lady was very pretty.  That made the visit worth while.

Mrs. Aldridge likes to take me everywhere with her and introduce me to her friends and favorite store people.  One of my favorite places to go is Farrell's in Johnston.  Boy do they know how to have fun!  I'm not sure about all of that kicking and punching, but I think I could join in when I'm a bit bigger.

I went to work again this week and it was FABULOUS!  The IMT Group is the best place to work.  Do you know I get to sleep all day and get petted when I'm awake.  Ahhh the life of a dog.  So far I haven't had to do any "actual" work.

My favorite thing this week was the soccer game and the KIDS!!!!  Woohooo!  Boy did I have fun with Shiloh the Retriever.  I'm still exhausted from our wrestling match.

I'm on to week #5 where I will be practicing more duties of being a Service Dog for Paws and Effect.  Paws and Effect Homepage.  This Saturday I get to practice my Mission Critical manuevers (AKA playing with my littermates...).

Check out this week's fun photos:
Week #4 Photos

Have a Great Week,
Love  Oscar

Week #3 Kids, Cars and Other Interesting Things....

Boy oh Boy do I love human kids!  They are so loud and squirmy!  The perfect toy for a puppy!  They don't seem to have as much fun wrestling as I do, they run and cry a lot.  Maybe I'm not playing the game right?  No matter!  I love me some kids!

This week has been very educational.  I have been going to work for a few hours and learning new things.  One of the first things was the "don't potty in the building".  So far I'm doing very well.  Only one accident and I couldn't help myself!  The employees at IMT just LOVE LOVE LOVE me.  It is awesome. 

Let me tell you about one thing I don't like.  Cars.  They aren't very comfortable and I'm not sure what is going on.  I can't see out the windows yet, so I am a little scared.  It's ok to be scared.  I've heard Mrs. Aldridge talking about a car bed for me to ride in.  That cannot happen soon enough!  I believe when I am a much bigger boy I will enjoy the car.  One of the requirements for being a GREAT service dog is riding in the car politely.  This will help my disabled master tremendously if I am able to ride in the car without distress.  I am working on it.... but for now I am still a little afraid.  That's ok right?

This has been another great week of training!  I'm so excited to be working at The IMT Group and to live with the Aldridges.  Week #3 of my mission has been successful!

Here are a few more photos of my adventures this week:
Week #3 Photo Collection

I hope you enjoy my pictures and adventures!  I can hardly wait for week #4!



Week #2 "Potty" Training and other things....

I think I am off to a famous start!  Although I'm a little overwhelmed with the new order of things... I think I can get used to these humans.  In week one I was introduced to many things that looked very tasty but I was not allowed to eat them.  So many times I hear "NO".  Sheesh.  Can't a boy have some fun?

Let me tell you one thing I do not like.  Crates.  No Sir.  Mr. and Mrs. Aldridge put me in that large black cage EVERY time I start to have fun.  I don't know why they don't understand boys like to sharpen their teeth and pee on things.  Didn't they read up on puppies?  The problem is they have the food.  If I want to eat I will have to obey.

That isn't so bad really.... some day I will be grown and help a service person with so many things.  I'm so excited to grow up and fulfill my mission!

Until then do you have anything I can chew?

Here are a few links to my favorite pictures:

Week #2 Photo Collection