Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Assignment!

I am so excited and NERVOUS!  I am off to a new adventure!  My new trainer is Ms. Hingtgen and Chloe!  I am not sure Chloe will train me in the same way that Ms. Hingtgen will.... but I am pretty sure this new dog friend has some rules for me to follow!

Ms. Hingtgen is a pro!  She just finished training Ava for Paws & Effect.  Ava graduated in March and was placed with her new raiser.  I will be try to be a great house guest but you know me... I'm a crazy pup.  I am so excited that I have a fellow canine companion.  Leaving the Aldridge household was a little nervous to my tummy but I am excited too. 

I went to 4Paws Unleashed for doggy daycare and boy was I wiped out!  I played a lot with new friends and when I got home to Ms. Hingtgen and Chloe all I could do was sleep!  (I am pretty sure they were relieved by that!)

One of the times I WAS NOT asleep was my annual visit to the vet....

It is extremely important to keep your eyes on those doctors!  They are awesome at Jordan Creek Animal Hospital but invariably.... they poke me with something and look at my body all over.  I do like the treats they give me at the end!

I'm looking forward to sharing my next adventure chapter with you!  I know it will be very exciting as Ms. Hingtgen teaches me all of the things she showed Ava.  I am aspiring to be as great a Graduate as she was. 

Here is a picture of Ava and her group of fellow graduates and Soldiers:

This is going to be an exciting trip!  You know I will be nothing if not entertaining to my new adventure!

Oscar 2013 April and May

Love and Jumps,

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

I (and my litter mates the Phonetic Alphabets) are officially one year old!  Everyone thinks we are so much older because we have grown so much in this year.  Here is a picture of me when I first when home with my humans and a picture of me today:

See how much I've grown?  Look at all of us together!
The Phonetic Alphabet Litter at our birthday party
Mrs. Aldridge and I at my party at The IMT Group

I am working on my mobility training.  At times when a Soldier is serving his/her country they get hurt.  When they return home it is often difficult for them to bend over, move around or pick things up.  That is where we Service Dogs come in!  We help with mobility issues.  Our Battle Buddy could also be in a wheel chair.  We learn to open doors, turn on lights, open refrigerators (Mrs. Aldridge said she isn't going to teach me this one yet because I like food too much and she is afraid I will help myself to the BUTTER!). 
I have been working on retrieving any item that Mrs. Aldridge points to with two fingers.  Sometimes I try to play with it a little, or I drop it at her feet.  She points again and asks me to pick it up and hand it to her.  She praised me so much the other day because it only took a very short while for me to quit goofing off and hand items to her.  She said this will be particularly helpful to my Veteran.  I am eager to pick up keys, shoes (no nibbling!) and other items they might need.
I do confess I have difficulty with newspaper.  I do love to shred things!

See me in more photos!

Month 11

Month 12

Happy Birthday

Love and Licks!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Months blowing by... Goodbye 9 and 10

I am almost 1 Year OLD!  That is about 7 for you humans.  Which, according to Mrs. Aldridge explains my current behavior.  I have taken to throwing temper tantrums in the form of barking and clawing and my favorite past-time of whining.

If I were able to research Human Children behavior I feel certain that I whine as good as any 7 year old when I am not getting what I want OR more importantly.... when I am bored.

Can you blame me?  Mrs. Aldridge has a lot of meetings and works long hours on her computer.  That leaves less time for?  You guessed it.  ME.


November was a fun month with a couple sleepovers with my litter mates and working at IMT.  I had been behaving so I went to work to practice my social skills.  Some days are better than others and I hear Mrs. Aldridge talking to herself about me just being a puppy.  Some days she repeats it over and over.  I wonder if she has memory issues?

Here are some pictures of me and my brother Tango:


We had a lot of fun in December!  It was dress up day at IMT and we surprised Richard Keith by wearing our best outfits. 


I worked a lot on my training in December.  I have been practicing more with my nose.  We will also start working on opening doors and pushing handicap buttons.  I'm very excited to learn these tasks.  Mostly because I get food but also because I love to be a good service dog.


Christmas was a really fun time!  I love the trees and the ornaments and wanted to play with them... mostly eat them.  Mrs. Aldridge put the stop to that and didn't put up a tree at our house!  What the heck!  We didn't even have presents out until Christmas Eve!  She knows me well and I would have shredded the packages.  I did get to play with the empty rolls of paper.  Yum!


Check out more of my adventures in the Picture Show below.

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Love and Licks!