Friday, July 27, 2012

Week #12 and #13 Back in the Waggin' Again....

Back in the Waggin' Again.... (you know "Back in the saddle again...")....
Get it?  Get it?  I love it when I make jokes.... They make me giggle.  

Growing Up....
The last couple of weeks have been very unusual, busy and a little nutty.  Yes, I said nutty.  You know Mrs. Aldridge's sister, Mrs. Goe moved to Oregon?  If you missed THAT adventure go back to Week #11! 

It so happens that Mrs. Goe needed some love and affection moving so far away from her home AT THE SAME TIME I was being somewhat naughty.  Yes, I admit it.  Naughty with a capital N.

I do have an excuse.  A good one.  I was TEETHING!
Boy did that hurt coming out!  And I had a whole mouth full of teeth that decided to fall out.  I do admit to being quite the handful.  Mrs. Aldridge stopped bringing me to work.  I was very sad but I got a vacation!  Mrs. Goe is such a good dog-sitter!

Mrs. Aldridge was getting ready for RAGBRAI so I got to go along to Kyle's Bikes!  I love it there.  Eric thinks I'm extra special, but then so do all the guys and ladies!  I can't wait until I get my own bike!  I'm growing so fast now, I think it will happen soon!

4.5 Months old with Eric

2 Months old with Eric
Don't I look right at home with all of this bike gear?

See me in the front row?  I was really bummed when they didn't let me on the bus to start the ride....

I am finally out of my kennel in the car!  I hated that thing!  Not only was my view restricted (I love to human watch you know....) but it was HOT in there!  Mrs. Aldridge graduated me to a Big Boy Harness.  I have to admit I'm not totally fond of it either, I'd much prefer to roam the car chewing everything in my path.... but I guess I have to have boundaries.  You humans have some very UN-FUN rules.
Me and My Buddy - Homer Simpson
My new Car Harness

The rest of the week was very lazy and fun sharing my vacation with Mrs. Goe.  I'm back at work next week.  I've missed all my friends.  I hope I can contain my excitement and be a good Service Dog at work.  I do not want to get any written warnings!

That is about all of the excitement for this little dog...  Stay tuned for week #14, I'm sure I will have even more adventures! 

Oh - I almost forgot!  Would you like to meet some of my brothers and my sister?  They are a lot of fun and I know you would love them as much as you love me. 

This is my sister India Hapgood

This is my brother Charlie Banta and my brother Mike Padget.  For a few more, check out my family link below and you can meet a couple others.  This isn't the whole gang of course!  I'm saving more for later!

This has been a very fun week!  See you soon!



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