Thursday, July 12, 2012

Week #11 Adventures!

What a week this has been!  I rode on my first plane, I met my family from Oregon and I worked very hard moving Mrs. Goe in her very LARGE Moving truck.  I am happy to be home, but not so happy to be back in my kennel.  Read on for more adventure!

Flying High!
I got to ride in a plane!!  I got to ride in a Plane!!! Woohoo!  Mrs. Aldridge was very nervous but I was excited.  She was worried about my manners AND my potty training.  I showed her!  I was the best behaved youngster on the plane.  Yes.  Even the older human kids.... I was the perfect model of how to fly without being a crazy monkey.  We really didn't have monkeys on the plane but some of those human kids were climbing, screeching and acting like monkeys.  Considering I have never seen a monkey (I don't really know what one is....)

I'll take Mrs. Aldridge's word for it.  I like it when she praises me and is proud.  Besides the nice gestures I get treats!  On the plane I had some Lickin' Stick!  Wowie what a nummy treat.  I will do anything for treats.  Mrs. Aldridge's friend and co-puppy raiser, Becky Coady gave her all the tips for flying with a Service Dog.  I love you Becky Coady!!  The bacon flavor was to die for.

I met very nice people on the plane!  Katie took some pictures of me and I think she might have been a little sweet on me.  Katie's pictures:

This is Mount Hood.  Isn't it lovely?

I was a little tired...

Oregon Family!
Did you know I had an Oregon Family?  Well I did not!  Imagine my surprise when I met sooooooo many relatives and doggie friends.  Wow!  The roaming out there is the best a dog could ask for.  Trees, bushes, critters.... boy did I get into trouble a few times for trying to explore.  Mrs. Aldridge called it "wandering off".... but a boy has to explore!

Isn't this grand?

Off to Iowa by way of Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Nebraska!
Mrs. Aldridge's sister, Mrs. Goe moved to Iowa from Oregon! Wow!  That is a very long way to move AND she has lived her whole life in Oregon!!  She said "it has been a long ride", but a man's not allowed to tell a lady's age.....

It was a very long drive (14 hour days!) but of course I was famous all the way across the United States!  I was loved by all of the citizens in each state.  I feel like a celebrity!  My manners were excellent and I DID NOT have any accidents along the way.  I did get bored....

 And... I got TIRED.....  (but then if you know me, that isn't anything new!)

What a week it has been!  I flew over 1800 miles to Oregon, met great family and then learned how to drive a truck.  Actually I just helped Mrs. Goe with staying awake and making her laugh.  She loves me as much as everyone!  I'm home now and almost ready to go back to work!

I am very happy to be home.....

To see my adventures, check out all of my photos!

Oregon Exploring!

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