Friday, April 27, 2012

Week #1 Oscar Goes to Work

Hi!!!  My name is Oscar and I am a service dog for Paws and Effect.  Well actually I'm "learning" to be a service dog.  I haven't actually completed my mission yet.... But I am very eager to get started.

I was born in February 2012 so I'm still a youngster.  Maybe even the youngest "employee" of The IMT Group?  My foster family The Aldridges have agreed to teach me and train me for the next year and a half.  They are excited about my mission too!

Marsha Aldridge works at The IMT Group and will take me to work with her every day.  Well... nearly every day.  There will be some days where I get to play with my pals at Canine Craze.

Richard Keith, CEO and President of IMT graciously agreed to my mission too!  The employees are so excited to have me on board.

Read more weekly about my adventures and critical mission training.  I'm told the first order of business is Potty Training.  I'm not sure what that is but I'm sure it will be very exciting!

Check out the photos of me!
Week #1 Collection of Pictures

See you Soon!

P.S. I'm pictured above with Dave Higby.  He works in the IS Department of The IMT Group.  He has already been trained for his Mission.  I'm so excited to meet all the employees!