Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Week #7 Whew! Smooth Sailing!

Whew... thank goodness I'm out of the doghouse.
Hello!  I'm happy to report this week has gone successfully and I did not get into any trouble.  There was the minor incident with the white carpet and my inability to signal that I needed to go outside... but even Mrs. Aldridge said that was her fault.  (Thank Goodness for that!).

Did you know that I am 3 1/2 months old?  AND.... that I have been living with the Aldridges for nearly 2 of those months?  Wow! Yes it's true!  Our time together has gone by so fast. 

We did not have training this week so I missed my Brothers and Sister.  It is fun to run around and wrestle with them.  We practiced all of our foundation training and I must say I'm doing VERY WELL.  I hear people comment on what a good dog I am.  I may have to throw in some naughty behavior just to keep them guessing!

I like to chase balls and bring them back for treats.  I hope I get to be a mobility dog so that I can help someone pick items up, open doors and assist with a variety of tasks.  I'm so excited about my mission sometimes I forget myself and jump on humans.  I'm so excited to tell them about my adventure.  Of course Mrs. Aldridge continues to remind me that my feet "have to be on the floor".  I so love to jump!

Have you ever been to Hessen House?  Well they love me there and I would recommend the shaded tables on the patio to the little tables by the door.  Boy is it hot.  The nice lady waitress brought me my very own drink!  It looked a little different than the Aldridge drinks (mine was clear!) and I did not get the German Mug to drink from.  I was happy with the great service!

We went to many stores this week and public places and I have to brag that I did not misbehave one time.  NOPE... not even once.  I didn't even have any bathroom accidents.  Does that mean I'm potty trained?

Doggy Daycare!!!
I continue to go to Canine Craze on Tuesday's and Thursday's.  I TOTALLY love it there and I have heard Mrs. Aldridge say how much she loves dropping me off.  Sometimes she is smiling so much - I think it is her way of saying she will miss me during the day.  I get to play with my siblings AND 15 other new friends.  Amazing.  I'm always the Defensive Tackle.

Here are some pictures from my week and a link to more.  Look how much I have grown!
This was me on my first day of work at IMT in April.  I'm laying on John Bednarz's feet.

This is me almost two months later.  Notice how big I am next to Mrs. Aldridge's feet!

Here are my pictures from the week:
Week #7 - Redeemed

See you next week!
Love and Jumps, 

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