Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Week #6 Trouble in Paradise

This week I struggled with jumping, chewing, barking and urinating.  You know, normal puppy stuff.

I want to take a poll:

  1. Do humans really dislike me chewing on them? 
    Skin is so tasty and just the right firmness to bite!  What fun I have with fingers and toes.  Mrs. Aldridge tells me it isn't polite.  It just means I like you!

I am allowed to chew my toothbrush.  It cleans my teeth without me knowing it (I really do know it and have noticed my smile is a lot brighter!).  I clean my teeth while she gets ready for work.

Maxwell Aldridge got his pool out this week and wanted me to play with him...  I liked it when he was running up and down the hill - but DID NOT like getting into the cold pool with him.  Have you seen that kid?  Crazy.  He is always jumping and barking.  It is exhausting!  We got treats for playing nicely but his treat did something very frightening to his face!  I was a little scared.

          See what I mean?  Yikes.

I sure hope I am not placed with a Navy Seal that likes to swim... we'll have to negotiate that skill.  I wasn't overly fond of that cold water!

I discovered this week there is another dog living in MY HOUSE.  Fortunately he only lives in the kitchen and doesn't bark.  I have tried to get it to play with me or at the very least see what his name is.... but he just looks back at me.

The dog in the fridge isn't very playful!

The dog on TV is very interesting!

I continue to learn how to perfect my service dog skill.  I am working on Heal; Your Choice; Backing Up and Return to Spot.  All of these maneuvers will give me a good foundation of service dog skill. 

The Your Choice is particularly challenging!  I have to resist things that fall from the sky.  I AM A DOG!!!  Do they know how hard it is not to run after things that catch my attention?  I'd like to see them try it with falling Hershey Kisses!

Practicing a Heal
Your Choice - Resist Things Falling From the Sky (yeah sure...)

This week we went to see a lot of friends and businesses.  I was as usual - WELL BEHAVED.  I don't understand why I got grounded!!  Laying under the table, minding my own business.... NOT eating anything off the floor at PF Changs.  (You agree with me this sounds like great behavior!).  Well I got bored and chewed my vest off.  Apparently I can't be naked in public.  For me to be allowed I MUST be in my designated working clothes.  I'm now grounded from the fun places.  Even IMT!  I'll be sad on Monday when I have to stay home.  I guess I'll work on not chewing my clothing off.

Check out more photos from Week #6

See you next week!




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