Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Week #3 Kids, Cars and Other Interesting Things....

Boy oh Boy do I love human kids!  They are so loud and squirmy!  The perfect toy for a puppy!  They don't seem to have as much fun wrestling as I do, they run and cry a lot.  Maybe I'm not playing the game right?  No matter!  I love me some kids!

This week has been very educational.  I have been going to work for a few hours and learning new things.  One of the first things was the "don't potty in the building".  So far I'm doing very well.  Only one accident and I couldn't help myself!  The employees at IMT just LOVE LOVE LOVE me.  It is awesome. 

Let me tell you about one thing I don't like.  Cars.  They aren't very comfortable and I'm not sure what is going on.  I can't see out the windows yet, so I am a little scared.  It's ok to be scared.  I've heard Mrs. Aldridge talking about a car bed for me to ride in.  That cannot happen soon enough!  I believe when I am a much bigger boy I will enjoy the car.  One of the requirements for being a GREAT service dog is riding in the car politely.  This will help my disabled master tremendously if I am able to ride in the car without distress.  I am working on it.... but for now I am still a little afraid.  That's ok right?

This has been another great week of training!  I'm so excited to be working at The IMT Group and to live with the Aldridges.  Week #3 of my mission has been successful!

Here are a few more photos of my adventures this week:
Week #3 Photo Collection

I hope you enjoy my pictures and adventures!  I can hardly wait for week #4!



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