Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Week #2 "Potty" Training and other things....

I think I am off to a famous start!  Although I'm a little overwhelmed with the new order of things... I think I can get used to these humans.  In week one I was introduced to many things that looked very tasty but I was not allowed to eat them.  So many times I hear "NO".  Sheesh.  Can't a boy have some fun?

Let me tell you one thing I do not like.  Crates.  No Sir.  Mr. and Mrs. Aldridge put me in that large black cage EVERY time I start to have fun.  I don't know why they don't understand boys like to sharpen their teeth and pee on things.  Didn't they read up on puppies?  The problem is they have the food.  If I want to eat I will have to obey.

That isn't so bad really.... some day I will be grown and help a service person with so many things.  I'm so excited to grow up and fulfill my mission!

Until then do you have anything I can chew?

Here are a few links to my favorite pictures:

Week #2 Photo Collection

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