Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Months blowing by... Goodbye 9 and 10

I am almost 1 Year OLD!  That is about 7 for you humans.  Which, according to Mrs. Aldridge explains my current behavior.  I have taken to throwing temper tantrums in the form of barking and clawing and my favorite past-time of whining.

If I were able to research Human Children behavior I feel certain that I whine as good as any 7 year old when I am not getting what I want OR more importantly.... when I am bored.

Can you blame me?  Mrs. Aldridge has a lot of meetings and works long hours on her computer.  That leaves less time for?  You guessed it.  ME.


November was a fun month with a couple sleepovers with my litter mates and working at IMT.  I had been behaving so I went to work to practice my social skills.  Some days are better than others and I hear Mrs. Aldridge talking to herself about me just being a puppy.  Some days she repeats it over and over.  I wonder if she has memory issues?

Here are some pictures of me and my brother Tango:


We had a lot of fun in December!  It was dress up day at IMT and we surprised Richard Keith by wearing our best outfits. 


I worked a lot on my training in December.  I have been practicing more with my nose.  We will also start working on opening doors and pushing handicap buttons.  I'm very excited to learn these tasks.  Mostly because I get food but also because I love to be a good service dog.


Christmas was a really fun time!  I love the trees and the ornaments and wanted to play with them... mostly eat them.  Mrs. Aldridge put the stop to that and didn't put up a tree at our house!  What the heck!  We didn't even have presents out until Christmas Eve!  She knows me well and I would have shredded the packages.  I did get to play with the empty rolls of paper.  Yum!


Check out more of my adventures in the Picture Show below.

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Love and Licks!

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