Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Month 8 The Dark Days

My Raisers call these The Dark Days.  I just don't understand.  The sun is as shiney as ever!  It is getting a bit colder but with such an awesome coat as mine, I hardly notice.  My fur does seem to be left behind a lot.... I wonder if that is what they are referring to?  Thinking I will be sad that I'm losing my hair?  I just don't get it.....

I've also heard them talk about ENERGY and HYPER and BARKING and CHEWING and POTTY TRAINING LAPSE (what's a lapse?).... so many new words for me to discover!  I just don't seem to have enough time these days there are so many things to explore, holler at and run after.

I am SOOOO FAST!  Don't worry, I'm very polite when the door is open.  I sit nicely and wait for the signal for me to go outside to potty.  THAT is when I let it rip!  Boy oh Boy can I run circles around the yard and down the hill!  Mrs. Aldridge whistles and tries to slow me down but I just love the freedom.  We have been practicing on my recall.  I'm not so good at it you know.  I just can't help it, I love to see how fast I can race.  I work extra hard when she brings food out in a plastic container to remind me by shaking it.  I forget when it is in her pouch.  The good news is we are always working on my behavior.  (I am a bit worried about her though... she seems more and more tired as I show her how fast I can race!).

For me a month away was like a blink of an eye.  So much to do!  So much to see!  So much to be distracted by!

You would think I've got a lot to share after 4 weeks hiatus.... I DO!!  My adventures have continued and I have been so happy to explore your human world.

At the Iowa SHRM State Conference.

I haven't been to training class lately with my sibs.  The Raisers are trying to put something together called a Co-Op (not like a chicken coop but Mrs. Aldridge laughs and laughs when she talks about it.  Apparently we dogs are a lot like crazy chickens with teeth?  I just don't get her jokes).  In the Co-Op the Raisers would take turns having "play dates" and "sleepovers" so that the puppies can get a lot of interaction and play.  I put in two votes for the idea because I do love to wrestle and play with my brothers.
Tango and I at the SHRM Conference
I am winning!
Me and Romey at my house...

Exercise and Energy
Mrs. Aldridge has started taking me for a "trot" in the morning and at night.  We took walks before but with my new found energy she believes a play at the park twice a day will help my disposition.  I will admit to you that I bark a lot.  A lot.  I like the way it sounds.  I like how powerful I feel.  I like to sing!  You can't blame a blooming performer can you?  We are going to see The War Horse soon and I am practicing.  What if they need a stand in?  I will be ready!

I do hope these Dark Days end soon.  Mr. and Mrs. Aldridge seem to think my name is STOP instead of Oscar.  They also confuse me with DOWN.  I have not met them yet but I am so eager to wrestle with Stop and  Down.  I know we will have the best time.

In Charge
I was in charge a bit while Richard Keith was away.  That was the best day ever.  Have you ever been President of a company?  It is a hard job let me tell you!  Richard Keith is one of a kind and I think he is the best man for the job!  I'm happy to report I'm handing the chair back over!

Upcoming Adventures!
This Friday I am so excited that my brother Tango is coming for a sleepover.  We look forward to these adventures a lot!  Mrs. Aldridge always takes us to the park and lets us run up and down the slide.  Tango is my favorite brother because he is so brave!  You should see him scale the slide without any fear!  I am a bit more cautious and want to watch for a while.  Now... if there is food involved I'm right in there!

Mrs. Aldridge is going to D.C. for a SHRM Conference and I will get to stay with Tango again!  This is shaping up to be the best month ever!  And did you know it is Thanksgiving?  I've heard this is the best meal ever!  I hope I get something extra nice too.  I do love carrots and apples.

One thing I am expecially thankful for is the Veterans who give so much for all of us!  I am so proud to be a Service Dog in Training so that I can show one of them just how thankful I am.  I will be the best service dog ever!  And so will my siblings, we've talked and agree.  This is a very important mission. 

But until that time.... I will continue to be the wonderful, exhuberant and energetic puppy that I am!  (Pssst.  I'm very good at it!)

Adventures from 8 Month's Old 



Love and Barks!



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