Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Assignment!

I am so excited and NERVOUS!  I am off to a new adventure!  My new trainer is Ms. Hingtgen and Chloe!  I am not sure Chloe will train me in the same way that Ms. Hingtgen will.... but I am pretty sure this new dog friend has some rules for me to follow!

Ms. Hingtgen is a pro!  She just finished training Ava for Paws & Effect.  Ava graduated in March and was placed with her new raiser.  I will be try to be a great house guest but you know me... I'm a crazy pup.  I am so excited that I have a fellow canine companion.  Leaving the Aldridge household was a little nervous to my tummy but I am excited too. 

I went to 4Paws Unleashed for doggy daycare and boy was I wiped out!  I played a lot with new friends and when I got home to Ms. Hingtgen and Chloe all I could do was sleep!  (I am pretty sure they were relieved by that!)

One of the times I WAS NOT asleep was my annual visit to the vet....

It is extremely important to keep your eyes on those doctors!  They are awesome at Jordan Creek Animal Hospital but invariably.... they poke me with something and look at my body all over.  I do like the treats they give me at the end!

I'm looking forward to sharing my next adventure chapter with you!  I know it will be very exciting as Ms. Hingtgen teaches me all of the things she showed Ava.  I am aspiring to be as great a Graduate as she was. 

Here is a picture of Ava and her group of fellow graduates and Soldiers:

This is going to be an exciting trip!  You know I will be nothing if not entertaining to my new adventure!

Oscar 2013 April and May

Love and Jumps,

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