Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week 19 I've Missed You!!

Oh My Gosh!!!  Has it really been three weeks since we have last seen each other?  How the time flies when you are a puppy.  One day I'm squeaking and can't see.... the next I'm a teenager getting in trouble for everything I do!

I have missed you very much!  I have a lot of pictures to show you.  My adventures have been great and many.  I don't even know where to start!

Here I am with my Aldridge playmates at the park! 
I love the park!!!

Training has been going fabulous!  I even got my certificate for passing Kindegarten.  I know, Right?  Hard to believe.  How can a puppy that loves to jump as much as I do actually get a passing grade?  It happened.  Master Clint said I was ready for first grade.

My litter mates and I have been training on Monday nights at Canine Craze to learn the "foundation basics".  Really what that means is that we are learning to be nice puppies.  Puppies that don't jump on our Human friends and who don't GOBBLE food when given the chance.

I know!!! I'm laughing hysterically too!!  It is a lot to ask of us rambunctious pups.  I am PROUD to tell you that we are doing a wonderful job.  SURE!!  we make mistakes from time to time and get distracted.... BUT we are so smart!

My sister India is trying to climb the rack for Peanutbutter!!

India and Kilo are looking for a treat!

You may have heard Mrs. Aldridge "mention" (COMPLAIN is really what it is....) how us puppies like to rise EARLY.  My internal body clock is set to 4:30... sometimes 5:00.  That is A.M.  So... our Human Raisers do not get to sleep in - EVER.  Mrs. Aldridge volunteered to watch two of my brothers so their raisers could sleep in on the weekend!  Oh MY GOODNESS what a fun time we had on our sleepover.

Distracted by toys...
"Trying" to share
We didn't like jail when Mrs. Aldridge went to church...

I have new siblings!!!  New puppies are getting ready to be Service Dogs in training!  I'm so excited to mentor them and teach them everything that I know!  This litter will be the President's litter.  Each Pup will have a past or current president's name!  (They are very fat so we think one of them will be named Taft....)  
Aren't they adorable!??
Here I am when I was young and FAT!

Click below to view all of my photos and adventures!  Can you tell that I love going to the park?

Have a very awesome week this week!  I'll be back soon with more photos!

Love and Jumps!